What is Raiderlink at Texas Tech University? 

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If you are a student of texas tech university then you might be aware about the raiderlink that is an online campus connection where students can get the various beneficial activities done online. It helps them to get registration, financial services, campus calendar, search engines and more. In this article we will discuss the raiderlink at texas tech university and its unbeatable benefits that it has offered to its users. 

An Overview of Raiderlink at Texas Tech University 

Raiderlink is your online campus relation to correlate you to the aids you require in your position at Texas Tech University.

TTU Raiderlink outlet furnishes admission to Registrar help such as class enrollment and grading, TechMail, notifications, your break status, Parking Assistance, and much more.

It is the one spot to go for all of your on and off-campus demands.

Steps to log in to the Texas Tech Raiderlink?

You just have to follow these steps to the Raiderlink TTU login

  • Navigate to the “portal. texas tech.edu.”
  • Write down your TTU eRaider username.
  • Enter password.
  • Then click on the blue “Sign In” regulator to log in.

Assistance furnished by TTU RaiderLink Login Portal

The www raider-link ttu edu proposed assistance are as follows:

  • Educational Records: Students can view their grades, class programs, and fee transcripts.
  • Course Enrollment: It furthermore authorizes students to enlist for any recent course.
  • Economic Aid Details: Offers admission to data-heeding scholarship chances, loan status, and fee methods.
  • Student Assistance: People studying at TTU can receive admission assistance from different platforms present in the institution.
  • Library: Allows entry to the TTU library catalogue and online database of the functional aids.
  • Email and Communication: It offers a centralized information device for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Administrative Tools: Makes it manageable for lecturers to organize class enrollments, course plans, and similar admin chores conveniently.

Ways to reset your eRaider password

What can you do if you don’t remember your eRaider password?

  • If you do not figure out your current password, browse to https://eraider.ttu.edu and connect the “Forgot Password” switch.
  • Enter your eRaider username and DOB, then Continue.
  • If your Social Security number (SSN) or Tech ID is on file in the eRaider system, you will be encouraged to pass into one of them. Enter either of them and continue.
  • To verify your originality, the eRaider system will mail a confirmation code to your mobile number or email.

You will receive a text message or a call according to what you choose the code to be sent at.

  • Write down the code that you obtained in  “Enter Code.” Then, click Verify.
  • Enter a new password that you anticipate to utilize in both areas. Then, click Set Password.
  • Your eRaider password has been altered. It may take up to 5 minutes for the password to process all eRaider-authenticated assistance. 

How to receive your eRaider username.

  • Glance at raiderlink.ttu.edu and click “Forgot Username”
  • Finish the following data, and then click Continue.

First Name: your first name

Last Name: your last name

DoB (mm/dd/yyyy): your date of birth

To verify your identity, the eRaider procedure will mail a confirmation code to the contact phone number you prescribed in your eRaider account.

  • Click Continue when you are prepared for the code to be mailed.

You will receive a code through your chosen option for the code to be sent.

  • Enter the code that you acquired into the labelled “Enter Code”, then, click Verify.
  • Your eRaider username will be exhibited.

If you forgot your raider username move to the site and choose “Forgot Username?“

  • Enter the correct information and you will be given your username.

How to set up an e-Raider account

Your eRaider statement is your Texas Tech University electronic designation. It is a single username and password for usage in accessing extensive help at TTU to which you will be required to sign in electronically.

If you are a student at TTU, you probably have an eRaider account already, as accounts are automatically established based on your affiliation with the institute. Utilize the configuration code furnished to you to set up the account.

If you don’t retain a set-up code, inspect your non-Texas Tech email account(s) for a memo from erams@ttu.edu or from the Texas Tech team partner who manually authorized your report or communicate to IT Help Central who will resend your code to you. 

Attempt looking in your trash/spam folder if it is not in your inbox. If you can’t find a set-up code, your account may be already set up.

How can you set up an e-raider account,

  • Go to eraider.ttu.edu and commune Set-Up Account.
  • Index the requested data and click Confirm.
  • Study the “Terms of Use” declaration. Click Agree if you approve of the terms.

If your account was manually accepted by a team member rather than automatically approved by Banner/eRaider procedures, you may be required to manually determine your data.

  • The eRaider layout mesh will inquire for contact data which will merely be utilized to assist you in resetting the password in the future or to warn you of account action. 
  • Provide a phone number and a substitute e-mail address, and then move further and click Continue. 
  • The eRaider system will mail confirmation codes to the contact bases that you restricted in the last step.
  • Scan the phone you determined and your substitute email account to find the code(s) sent to you.

Enter the code(s) into the applicable areas on the eRaider layout mesh and click Continue.

  • Enter a password of your option which fits the provisions, then click Continue

You will not be submitted to the password furthermore, so type a password that you can recollect.

  • Study and ratify your data for compliance, then click Complete Account.

The account is directly finished. Wait up to 30 minutes for your account to be completed. 


The Raiderlink TTU has evolved into an important device for learners at Texas Tech University: by furnishing admission to a broad span of aids and assistance that backs student success. Varying from educational advising to cognitive fitness aid. 

Raiderlink TTU enables students to guide their college knowledge and attain their objectives.


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