Which Streaming Services Are Actually Worth Your Money?

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For the last several years, streaming services have been very popular among people. If you don’t know about streaming services yet, they are basically services that offer viewers with movies and series that were either pre-released or were made specifically as part of original productions. These releases have garnered a lot of popularity throughout the years and have made great strides towards gaining public attention. Nowadays, almost every other person is subscribed to a streaming service for getting their daily dose of entertainment.

Popular Streaming Services

Since we last talked about streaming services and such, let us take a moment to look at some of the most bollyflix popular streaming services that work and are also very popular in India. Take a look:

  • The first one on this list would be Hotstar. Hotstar was one of the first streaming services that was released in the Indian subcontinent. It is still going strong, and now has collaborations with Disney+.
  • The second one is, quite obviously, Netflix. Netflix was one of the first streaming services in the world, but in India it was released quite later. However, the moment Netflix was released, it garnered a lot of viewers, but the subscription prices were too high. Now, Netflix was deducted their subscription prices quite a lot, making it much more affordable for the Indian audience.
  • The third one on this list would be Voot. The streaming service Voot was released by Viacom18, and this streaming service is exclusively used by people who are fans of the hit Indian reality television series, Bigg Boss.
  • The fourth one on our list of popular streaming services in India would be Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription that goes beyond a streaming service. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, not only do you get access to the streaming service, you also get free and fast deliveries, and also access to Amazon Music.

While these are some of the most popular streaming services in our country, there are also several streaming services available which show different kinds of movies and series based on the region. Some of these streaming services are specific for specific regions of India, showing movies and other entertaining shows in the local languages of those areas.

Payment Options

Streaming services are something that need to be subscribed with money. There are a variety of plans available according to the user’s benefit, and there are plans which charge monthly, quarterly or annual payments. Usually, there is a larger amount of money saved when one gets the quarterly or yearly subscriptions, but since a lot of money needs to be paid at one time, sometimes it might become a bit difficult.

Free Streaming Services

Although the Homeworkify streaming services mentioned above and the ones like those require money for one to be able to gain access to their content. However, there are some websites that allow people to gain access to different entertainment programs. One such website is 2ix2 .


2ix2 is a website where one can watch German shows and movies completely for free. German entertainment programs are usually dubbed for foreign audiences, so if you wish to watch them, you can easily watch Different German programs from either your phone or your laptop wherever you want. You just need a stable internet connection to continue watching, and the best part of it is that you will also not require to make any kind of registration. This website is totally free to use, and it is compatible with many devices.


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