Make Use of the PNB HRMS Parivar Portal for the Self-service

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Human resource management systems, or HRMS, are considered the most important tools for employees and the general public. The pnb parivar HRMS is provided for the Punjab National Bank to access the various self-service options. Punjab National Bank is one of the largest banks in the country and has an extensive branch network and distribution system. That’s why banks have adopted this system to cater to the overwhelming number. Here, you can learn a few details about the PNB HRMS portal, such as the services that can be accessed, How to register, and how to reset your login password.


PNB Parivar-HRMS was launched in 2006 as a key prerequisite for processing payroll and other payroll functions for bank employees. In addition to facilitating specific groups through centralized payroll processing and employee records management, it also provides various services. Some of the main functionalities of this package include attendance, HR management, and performance evaluation. This includes training management, employee selection, and promotion processes. Payroll software efficiently automates payroll by collecting employee information and generating pay reports.

Services Offered By PNB Parivar:

The PNB Parivar system offers a wide range of services to the employees of Punjab National Bank, acting as a centralized system for storing employee data. Salary processing and maintenance of records below are other services and some parts offered by this system:

What Are The Benefits Of PNB HRMS?

HRMS system provides employees with access to various services. 

Pay slips: The portal allows users to check and track their pay slips every month. Users can also download PDF versions of documents or print them.

Pension Slip: You can access various services. Retirement-related information is available from the portal. You can check, download or print your pension slip.

Loan and Advances Status: Users can check the availability of their loan or advance status on this portal. Employees can also use this portal to apply for loans. The user can use this portal to check pending EMIs and other loan details if the user is already a borrower.

Bank Holiday List: The HRMS portal contains a list of bank holidays accessible to employees. This allows employees to plan their leave based on available holidays.

How to Register For PNB HRMS?

Current or former employees of Punjab National Bank can register with the PNB HRMS system using the login credentials provided. Credentials will be provided to employees when joining the pnb hrms. You must contact the branch manager if you need your login information. Users must submit details such as job information, registered phone number, email ID and other supporting documents that may be required. The management will verify the documents and details and provide you.


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