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Downloading or streaming movies from free platforms has not become a difficult task due to easy availability of online streaming platforms. One such popular streaming platform is Netnaija. In this article, we are going to take you through net naija movie streaming platform including downloading process, features, benefits, and other related things.

What is Netnaija?

Netnaija is a fantastic free website that allows users to download the most recent and popular files for music, movies, videos, and television series onto their own devices. You may find all of these downloadable digital assets on this website called netnaija or This is an African platform where users can stream latest videos including series, TV Shows, and other programs.

Since not everyone is aware of this website, the purpose of this post is to spread the word to anybody who enjoys downloading music, movies, videos, or television series.

The movies, web series, and 18+ programs on Netnaija are all freely available to download. No membership fee or other cost is involved with downloading movies or TV shows from this site. Many people like watching Hollywood and South Indian films, and you may get copies of such films dubbed in Hindi from this site. Movies are enhanced by high-quality video and sound, and this site allows you to download films in resolutions ranging from 360p to 4K Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD).

Procedure for Downloading Movies From Netnaija

This website provides a simple method for downloading the  Netnaija  Movie app. The post provides many different download links for your convenience. After 10 seconds after the first touch on the download button, the download will begin automatically. If the app was downloaded without a hitch from this page, setting it up won’t take long. You only need to follow a few basic procedures to get programs up and running.

You’re probably aware that Netnaija is a site dedicated to illicit movie piracy. As a result of this pirate problem, the website is often blocked. Thus, many individuals in many countries are unable to use the website. Please use the instructions below to log in to Netnaija:

Mobile Method

  • You’ll need a virtual private network (VPN) to mask or cover your location You may use one of the suggested VPN services. Try out a Virtual Private Network app on your Android smart phone
  • Open the VPN software after installation, and then choose India as the desired server location. The next step is to verify the IP address
  • If the IP address has changed, visit the Netnaija homepage. Now that you can access the Netnaija website, you may choose and download any movie you want

That can’t be done unless you access your phone’s Security menu in its Settings menu. From there, you’ll need to enable third-party installation. Then, double-tap the apk files to install it in the file manager. After that, do what the installer tells you to do. Downloading movies through the Netnaija is a breeze since it just requires the following steps:

  • To begin, you must open the Netnaija website on your computer
  • After that, you may choose the movie you wish to download by moving the pointer to the Videos option and selecting the movie
  • The movie will start playing in the Play window after opening it
  • Additionally, you have the option to touch the download bar
  • Afterwards, you may return to the page where you originally initiated the download and try again
  • Once the download is complete, you can watch the movie without an internet connection

Desktop Procedure

  • If you use a desktop computer, you probably use Chrome as your browser. A virtual private network (VPN) app is required on mobile devices, not desktop computers. This time, a VPN add-on is required
  • You can use TunnelBear
  • Once the VPN is set up, it will create a secure connection to India. There is no sign-up process for this VPN, making it very user-friendly
  • After you have connected to the new IP, visit the Netnaija homepage

Features Of Netnaija

The following is a list of the wonderful features that come with this app:

  • The application provides a variety of informational and entertaining alternatives
  • The program is intuitive and easy to use for its intended purpose
  • The app includes a variety of adverts from third-party companies
  • Within this software, it is also possible to view movies in the Yoruba language
  • It does not need payment to make use of it

Is Netnaija software safe?

When you want to relax, you must go online and click a few buttons. Thanks to several online streaming sites, users can now watch movies, television series, plays, and other digital material on their smart phones. Users can now get entertainment no matter where they are, thanks to platforms like Netnaija APK, which are examples of such platforms.

The Netnaija app is completely risk-free to use and does not in any way put its users at risk of having their data stolen or being infected with viruses. It is possible to use it to view movies and TV programs without having to worry about the viruses.

The use of Netnaija has several advantages

If you’re looking for a great place to download movies and web series, go no further than Netnaija. It has many films available, including Hollywood and South Indian blockbusters with Hindi dubs. This site is updated with new episodes of popular web shows as soon as they become available. The greatest aspect is that there are no limits on how many movies or web series you download. The video quality on the site is high, and the download sizes are tiny.

The latest URL for Netnaija

You were all familiar with the Netnaija URL, which used to be, but they just changed it. The only way to reach the site at this time is via

Despite the seeming complexity, Netnaija has allowed users to continue accessing the homepage through the previous URL. If you type into your browser’s address bar, you’ll be sent to People that use the site often will like this very much.


Furthermore, a fantastic alternative to premium streaming services,  Netnaija APK is available for Android users. Users like the free service’s frequent updates, vast material selection, high-quality streaming, download option, and streamlined design. Any official body does not sanction it, and may even be against the law in some areas. When you are downloading apps from third-party sources, use extreme care.

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