How to Use Snapchat to Send a Snap with Cartoon Face Lens

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Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lens can make every selfie extraordinary! What about the cute cartoon eyes popular on social media? Snapchat filters’ newest trend lets you become your favorite Disney or Pixar character with a touch. 

Using this filter to transform yourself or your pet into an animated companion is fun. How can I submit photographs with this viral filter to join the fun? Our rigorous approach will help you unleash your cartoon self and enjoy the thrill of doing so with pals.

The Viral Craze of Snapchat’s Cartoon Filters

Have you wondered why cartoonish shifting and eyeballs are so prevalent on social media? Send A Snap With the Cartoon Face Lens has transformed users and their pets into cute Pixar and Disney characters since August 2020. 

In an instant, this function became viral. The filter has been popular on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook due to its ability to transform someone into a Disney character immediately. Disney’s lack of formal association with the filter doesn’t change this.

Sending Snaps with the Cartoon Face Lens

Are you ready to join the millions of Cartoon Face Lens users and experience the magic of animated selfies? Let me explain the basic process:

  1. You should upgrade Snapchat to the newest version right now.
  2. Step two is finding the camera screen’s happy face icon.
  3. Step three is tapping the location tab to access Explore.
  4. Search for the “cartoon face” filter.
  5. Select “Snapchat”‘s Cartoon Face Lens.
  6. Create a new photo or video to explore your imagination, or browse your Camera Roll for a treasure.
  7. Tap the welcome blue arrow sign in the seventh step to share your creation. Tap this button to send the photo to friends or post it to your Story.

For those intrigued by the trending Cartoon 3D Style Lens:

Follow Steps 1-5 as mentioned earlier.

  1. In the sixth step, type “Cartoon 3D Style”.
  2. Try out a lens to discover what creative possibilities it offers, whether for shooting, recording, or saving photographs.

Exploring Popular Cartoon Face Lenses

The four most popular Snapchat Cartoon Face Lenses are growing in creativity.

  • Cartoon 3D Style: For couples seeking cartoon adventures, Cartoon 3D Style offers a platform to morph into Disney-inspired characters.
  • The Cartoon Face Lens: The Cartoon Face Lens lets you create a unique avatar by replacing your ordinary features with charming Disney-esque eyes and expressive eyebrows.
  • Cartoon Effect: You may experience a realistic and detailed cartoon version of yourself that captures all your facial emotions.
  • Anime Style: Experience Eastern animation’s mesmerizing charm via a viewer-perspective lens that detects your emotional state and enriches it with unique creative colors, giving it an almost hand-drawn look.


Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lens works that way. How cool is that? More than a filter, it’s like having your cartoon universe full of delight and creativity. When you send images with charming cartoon eyes, it’s about making memories with pals, not just taking pictures. 

Imagine your regular selfies animatedly connected to unveil surprises. Every message you send increases the streak, making each day more exciting. Take and share photos to preserve cartoon friendship. Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lens makes it easy and exciting to add animated fun to your daily life and share it with others!

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