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On sometimes, you might want to browse anonymously the Instagram stories and posts of others. Since everyone’s step would be visible in the list of individuals who have seen their stories, Instagram regrettably does not provide this option. This raises the question of whether it is possible to view or even download Instagram stories and posts in an anonymous manner.

The good news is that you can do this by using an Instagram stories viewer application like Imginn. According to this Instagram viewer website, it is possible to entirely remain anonymous and invisible when viewing, downloading, and archiving IG stories and posts from any public Instagram account.

An Overview of Imginn Website

A free and anonymous internet tool called Imginn, sometimes known as StoriesIG, enables you to view and save public Instagram posts and stories. Without having an IG account, you can view Instagram in this way with Imgin.  Using the Imginnvideos search feature won’t require you to register or request access in order to view publicly accessible Instagram content. Your search, view, and download actions will therefore be kept secret from others.

Ways to use the Imginn 

If you are willing to download the instagram content with the help of this platform then, here are some of the steps mentioned below that can help you to use it efficiently:

  1. To access the platform go on your browser and visit its official website. 
  2. On the homepage you will find several different options like instagram story view, instagram profile viewer, instagram photo viewer and more.
  3. Choose the section that you want to utilise and paste the URL of content in that box that you want to download.
  4. After that, tap on the search button and download the stuff into your device.

Follow these steps to remove an account from the Imginn website:

If you want to remove your account from the Imginn website, then you can follow the following steps that are written below: 

  • Visit the website,
  • Click “Remove Account” at the bottom of the page after scrolling down.
  • Enter your Instagram profile’s username or URL now.
  • Enter your email address after that.
  • To complete, click or press the “Submit” button.

How Does Imginn Work?

It uses a system known as the ImginnAPI. Instagram has opened up access to its API to the entire internet. Imginn, which utilizes Instagram’s open API, allows users to browse and save posts and stories from other Instagram accounts. Imginn has a variety of helpful features that are really helpful when using the app.

Limitations of The Imginn

You are expecting a lot from this website if you think Imginn will pursue a personal account for you, to start with. Posts or posts from a private account cannot be accessed. Its major job is to show posts from the public account that are in the form of articles, pictures, or videos. Whether it be videos or straightforward postings with pictures, it forbids users from posting or liking anyone else’s work.


The Imginn website is an ultimate platform for the people who want to download the instagram content without telling about their identity. In this article we have discussed this platform briefly. Although the site is amazing to use, if you want to access all accounts or use their stuff then it does not allow you to access the private accounts in respect of their privacy and concerns. Overall, you can use the platform and have fun with your favourite instagram stuff.

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