Title IX defense lawyer – How can they help?

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You need to understand the magnitude of the accusation that has come your way. This is not similar to any sort of classroom warning that will fade away with a few punishments. A Title IX lawsuit can negatively impact your future academic career and at the same time can cause criminal conviction to be coming your way. Thus, the importance of getting in touch with an attorney will help you safeguard the lawsuit from your standpoint. Acting as your defense, the Lento Law Firm attorney will make statements and create arguments and ultimately prove your innocence. Accusations regarding sexual misconduct or assault can hamper not just your academics but also your future professional career. Thus, good legal representation in such cases is a need that should be fulfilled. The guidance of an experienced attorney will help you get through the tiring legal procedures with much ease.

How can a Title IX defense lawyer help me?

1. Not just the collection, maintenance, and preparation of legal documents, an attorney can help you prepare for any legal hearing. They can advise you on what you should and shouldn’t say and at the same time prepare you for the incoming questions. 

2. Every legal proceeding with different magnitudes requires the collection and preservation of evidence for later presentation. The same can be done by your appointed attorney, working in your favor. The verbal evidence coming from a victim can be tough to counter, but then lawyers are aware of the types of evidence that can help you strengthen your defense.

3. An attorney will lend you peace of mind. They make sure that as a team you are doing everything possible to ensure legal victory. Even during times of distress, you are sure of the fact that an attorney is by your side when every other being is standing against you.

How should I appoint an attorney?

A) Take in suggestions from your friends and family. Also from victims of similar past exploitation and shortlist a few names and then ultimately choose the guy who you feel suits the best for your representation.

B) Success rate in past similar cases can be a parameter to judge the competency of a lawyer. Take notes about their past handled lawsuits and choose accordingly.

C) Appoint an attorney who compliments your budget, and has clear discussions about the fees that are to be paid. 


Following these steps and keeping in mind the importance of minute details in a legal lawsuit, you can survive any form of Title IX lawsuit. Just make sure that the appointment of an attorney shouldn’t be delayed.


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