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David Nehdar is a very famous businessman, a loving husband and devoted father. He is a great entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the business field. 

He is a well-known media face because of his success and achievements. There are so many interesting facts about his personality, life, family and his career, so let’s discuss everything about him.

Who is David Nehdar?

David Nehdar is a businessman and an accomplished actor by profession. He is known for his participation in social media platforms. He is really interested in the real estate industry, he also worked in various economic sectors, like hotels and entertainment industries. He also believes in charity work, over the years he donated money in so many organizations, like schools, hospitals and old-age homes and so on. 

David Nehdar wiki:

  • Dave Nehdar is his name.
  • A.K.A. David
  • Birthdate: August 16 born in 1974
  • Currently he is 47 years old, and this year he will become 48
  • married Zodiac sign: Leo 
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Los Angeles, California, is the birthplace.
  • Los Angeles, California, where he was born
  • United States of America
  • White people’s race
  • Christian religion
  • Name of the wife: Lacey Chabert
  • Names of the kids: Julia Mimi Ingrid Nehdar
  • Activities: singing, acting, and traveling
  • Estimated net worth: $9 million

David Nehdar Biography:

In California’s Los Angeles, David Nehdar was born on August 16, 1974. He got his diploma degree in business administration in 1992. And he joined his family business where he got a number of profitable investments. He married the famous actress Lacey Chabert in December 2013. And they became parents in September, 2016.

David Nehdar Age:

David was born on August 16, 1974 and currently he is 47 years old.

David Nehdar Physical Appearance:

David is a white and tall man with a height of 5ft and 10 inch and his weight is 70kg. David is a strong and attractive presence. With an average height, he carries confidence. He is very particular for his workout and it literally reflects on his well-maintained physique, which shows his dedication towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He always looks so sharp and well-groomed and with the dangerous smile, makes him more attractive.

David Nehdar Education:

He got his diploma in 1992, and also got his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He was interested in business from a very young age and his education gave him a deep knowledge about the same by improving his abilities.  

David Nehdar Family:

David Nehda r shares a very strong bond with his family. And he and her wife Lacey Chabert are the roots of the family and together they are proud parents of their daughter Julia Mimi Ingrid Nehdar, who completes their life. 

David Nehda r’s parents are very caring and supportive and they trust him. 

They adore his growth in life and feel blessed whenever they see their son with his family and satisfied with the values they teach him.

David Nehdar Career:

As we already know that David Nehda r is a successful businessman, who has been involved in a world of enterprises, since the time he was completing his diploma. He started working for his family business by joining it. In the beginning period of his career, he started investments. However, he is active in a variety of fields. Currently he is an inspiration to so many youngsters. 

David Nehdar Relationship:

David Nehda r married to a famous actress Lacey Chabert. She is a very fine actress who performed in thirty Hallmark movies and became an adorable personality. They both dated each other for a long time and finally they both decided to get married on December 22, 2013.

They decided to make their wedding private and simple, far from the eyes of the world.  They both are very concentrated on raising a kid. 

On September 2, 2016, this adorable couple Nehdar and Chabert became responsible  parents of Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. 

Do David Nehdar and Lacey have a Child?

Yes, this lovely couple has a daughter. In 2016, beautiful actress Lacey Chabert announced her pregnancy via Twitter. Lacey shared a post where her pet dog had been posted with a caption saying that Lacy was going to be a mom and all that dog had was a stupid shirt. By posting photos up to a week before delivery. They later revealed through an Instagram post that their child is a girl. At the same time, he had also shared a post in the first week of September, in which he had named his daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdarin. The couple named the name in honor of Lacey’s mother, Julie Chabert. His social media profiles are filled with various adorable pictures of his little daughter. So you can well imagine that David Nehdar is living a happy life with his celebrity wife and lovely daughter.

David Nehdar Wedding:

David and Lacey Chabert  organized a very peaceful, and private wedding, where only family and close friends are allowed to celebrate their memorable day. They intentionally wanted to keep their marriage secret. And that is why there are limited wedding pictures available on the internet.

David Nehdar Net Worth:

Businessmen are one of the wealthiest personalities in the world and when it comes to net worth David stands in the first row. In short  he has those digits more than others. According to the sources he makes almost $9 million every year, which is undoubtedly a dream amount. 

Interesting Facts About David Nehdar:

There are so many interesting facts about the David Nehdar such as:-

  • He is famous for his business mind as well as for maintaining his personal life.
  • He is a big supporter of her wife and he always stands beside her in all situations.
  • The world is still not aware about the key secret behind his successful business.


  1. What is David Nehdar’s name?

      A: Private person David Nehda r is famous for his relationship with actress Lacey Chabert, whom he served as her spouse.

  1. What profession does David Nehda r have?

      A: David Nehda r’s profession or line of work has not been made public knowledge.

  1. How did Lacey the actress and David Nehda r first meet?
  1. The particular circumstances of their introduction are unknown because the pair decided to keep the details of their meeting and relationship confidential.

     4. When did Lacey Chabert and David Nehda r get married?

  1. A private ceremony of marriage was held in 2013 for David Nehda r and Lacey Chabert.


David Nehdar, better known as Lacey Chabert’s husband, is a private person. He keeps a low profile and provides little information about his personal and professional lives to the public and this quality makes him more popular among the society. He appreciates his privacy and is not on social media, which is quite shocking for everyone, especially for those who adore his personality. Despite media attention, he wants to avoid the spotlight.

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