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Blooket is an educational game that strives to make the users learn in the form of a digital game. It has the outlook and interface of games, but it is actually a quiz-based gaming app to make students learn their subjects.

There are plenty of games available on this platform that offer the option of answering questions that are formed by teachers for their students. It has an easy-to-understand setup and follows the rules of earning points after answering questions alright. Blooket Join all brings a lot of fun for the students, driving them to use this site more and more while making learning easier.

Teachers can access this website for free and set up quiz rooms by forming their own questions. There are also questions available on the site which can be used by the teacher. It is basically a gamified way of learning that makes students utilize different skills while answering questions.

The website can be accessed by anyone and everyone on any device of their choice, making this the ideal choice for teachers working from home too. The site offers a selection of categories of games that you can play while learning. The points earned after answering the questions can be used to play a game.

There are loads of features available on this website to make it suitable for students of all ages and groups. The teachers can easily provide a code to the students through which they can enter the room and answer the questions. The learning materials are also provided there itself and the tasks can also be lined up, making it a rather efficient way of conducting a  learning space.

Types of Learning

Blooket Join is a platform that encourages reward-based learning. The learning is behaviorism which is basically through interactions within an environment. The environment of positive reinforcement is achieved by granting the students points when they get correct answers on Blooket. This builds their behavior by kindling their interest in learning by granting points. This works as great encouragement.

Ease of Use

Blooket Join is the best game primarily famous for its easy and convenient structure. There is hardly any instruction needed while using the website by any user, be it a student or a teacher. Even the less tech-savvy ones can use it very easily and without getting all muddled up.

The navigation is pretty straightforward. Once you sign up with your email, you can start right away by preparing questions or a set of them, based upon the learning curve of your students.

In the case of a student user, all you got to do is just log in with the classroom code that your teacher provides, nothing else. Unfortunately, there is no FAQ page on the website for all users. But, there is a tutorial for getting started for teachers.


The privacy policy is pretty decent in this tool. Users who are older than 13 (a pre-requisite for using this platform) have to share their personally identifiable information. These include first and last names, email addresses, etc. while they register for the first time on this tool.

Other information which is privy to users is also collected, like internet use, device type, location, IP address, etc. The privacy policy clearly states though, what information is being collected and how it will be used.

However, there is an option where you can select what information you wish to impart or not. Schools and parents can also request that student data can be removed.

The policy also states that the students need to only create a username to participate in homework or play games. The ones who enter with parental consent are the only people who have to supply a lot of personal info.


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